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July is the last month to be able to join ATFS Membership...

Joining membership this month will give you access to ALL of the six month's prior to July.

Please note, none of these classes are sold a la carte.

Join Now To Gain Access To All Of These Trainings

Membership is $249 activation fee and $149 monthly. When you join now, you receive access to ALL of the previous 6 masterclasses (valued each at $149 each),  6 expert trainings (valued at $99 each ), 8 mindset sessions (valued at $49 each), 8 business talks (valued at $79 each), and access to our Facebook community.

You can gain access to ALL of the trainings listed below (valued at over $2,500) for only $449 NOW and $149/month recurring. 

Quiana Watson's Masterclass for the month focused on database management.  This masterclass includes hands-on tutorials of how to operate your CRM and how to use templates to work throughout the software systems with your templates. 

Guest Expert Trainer Michel Thompson This masterclass is about  how to effectively track your business, understanding the deductible expenses, and what you need to live a

tax free lifestyle.

Quiana Watson's Masterclass for the month focused on preparing to onboard new buyer and seller clients to kick off the spring season.  This also included managing leads, objections, and winning the sale.

Guest Expert Trainer Matthew Garland is an expert top producing mortgage professional. In this masterclass, he teaches the basics of lending FHA, Conventional & VA. He also goes over closing costs and some major GEMS to secure the bag for agents!

Quiana Watson's Masterclass for the month focused on managing a support staff.  This masterclass is about managing a support staff to grow your business. We discuss showing assistants, executive  assistants, building a team, payment structures, splits, bonuses and more.

Expert Trainer Bria Earley 

Bria Earley is a top producing real estate professional. She has very strong communication and negotiating skills. She discusses how she converts her clients by way of social media education, how she consistently wins offers, and 

top negotiation strategies.

Quiana Watson's Masterclass is about working with buyer-clients from onboarding to servicing them after the sale. We also discuss the fundamentals of structuring an offer from pricing running CMA's and recommendation to how to submit to an agent and handling multiple offer situations.

Guest Expert Trainer Mahdi Woodard This masterclass is about branding, storytelling, and content creation and how to connect with your audience through storytelling. 

Quiana Watson's Masterclass for the month focused on working with seller-clients from onboarding to servicing them after the sale. We also discussed the securing the listing and assisting the seller with preparation ( ie staging, knowing what repairs to do and how to get them done, covid friendly showing alternatives,etc) 

Guest Expert Trainer Rashauna Scott is an expert real estate wholesaler. We discussed working with investor clients to increase your bottom line.

Quiana Watson's Masterclass for the month focused on managing a support staff.  This masterclass is about managing a support staff to grow your business. We discuss showing assistants, executive  assistants, building a team, payment structures, splits, bonuses and more.

Expert Trainer Jane Bond

Jane Bond is an expert trainer on luxury real estate and discussed the language of luxury. Jane Bond and Quiana Watson discussed their start in the industry and best practices to close high end luxury

real estate offers.

You can sit with us too!


When you’re an existing or aspiring real estate agent, it might feel like it’s taking you forever to level up and achieve your income goals, especially if you don’t have a strong support system. And that’s where Agent Tools For Success (ATFS) comes in.​

You see, this is the place where you’ll get the strategies, insider secrets, guidance and support you need not just to increase your sales and thrive as a real estate agent but also to enjoy every minute of your life while you’re doing it.


After all, there’s no reason to hustle to secure the bag if you’re not going to leave yourself any time to bask in the finer things of life.

By the way, I’m Quiana Watson, founder of ATFS, owner of Watson Realty Co., and a top 2% Guild certified luxury real estate broker in the metro Atlanta area. I’ve built a multimillion-dollar real estate business, and I’m sharing everything I know so you can do the same.


Whether you’re looking for profit-boosting courses, failproof new-school marketing methods or a squad of agents you can trust to have your back, consider ATFS your new home.

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Watch Now to Find Out What Makes ATFS the Right Choice for Active and Aspiring Agents Looking to Build and Scale Profitable Businesses


Do You Want to Be Average or Excellent?


Learn Sales-Boosting Methods You’ll Never Learn in Real Estate School



* Take notes and reference the planner to ensure you're on track to reach your goals


* Reference the planner to be sure your affirming your success


* Access to the private ATFS Facebook community


* A monthly Live video in the private Facebook group along with help from me and my team to answer all your questions


* Support and positive affirmations and accountability partners from the ATFS squad


* You have access to the replay to every course you've purchased.


* Every course will have a live Q&A session to answer your questions

After Training


Don't leave a course without having your questions answered.

Each session has a live Q&A available for you to ask questions in real time and have them answered by expert trainers and Quiana as well.

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Frequently asked questions

Why rent a room with us?

We offer easy, 4 month minimum, flexible leases with no broker fee and a minimal security deposit. We thoroughly vet each potential tenant and make sure that you are living with trustworthy, respectful roommates. With our flexible lease structure, roommates are never responsible for each other's rent. A key part of our process is the care that we give to matching roommates together; we facilitate meetings between potential roommates to ensure that all tenants are comfortable living with one another. You never have to sign a lease before you meet your potential roommates. We do our best to give you the most optimal living situation possible. If and when you're ready to move out, we allow you to transfer to any SplitSpot unit for no extra charge (except for the difference in rent). Your security deposit and application transfers over, so the process is extremely straightforward. If a situation comes up where you need to move in less than a 4 month notice, we start marketing your room across all channels as soon as possible giving it the same attention as if it were vacant!

Is there a broker fee? How about an application fee?

Nope! We do not charge a broker fee or an application fee for any of our properties.

Is there a security deposit?

Yes. $400, payable upon move in.

Where do you operate

We currently have listings throughout the Greater Boston Area, Washington D.C., and New York City! SplitSpot is consistently adding more apartments in Boston, D.C., and NYC while growing to more cities in the near future.

Is this a room for rent or an entire apartment?

All of our listings are individual rooms for rent within an apartment. Therefore they are all shared living spaces. However, you're more than welcome to rent several rooms together as a group.

Is the move in date flexible?

Sometimes. For the most part move-in dates are not flexible, but there are some exceptions that may be noted in ad descriptions and listings. Consult our current listings for the most up to date information.

Are the apartments furnished?

Some apartments are furnished, but most are not. Make sure to filter by "Furnished" on our rooms page to view them all in one place!

Will I be notified if other people are viewing my room?

We will always give at least 24-hour notice if prospective tenants are coming to view the apartment. We always schedule our showings far in advance and give the tenants as much notice as we can. All of our tours are done with 3D virtual tours, so it is rare a member of the SplitSpot Team will need to visit!