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About The Trainer


Quiana Watson

With a penchant for high levels of detail, fierce customer advocacy and unmatched professionalism, it’s no surprise Quiana Watson, MBA, real estate agent, broker and CEO, has sold millions of dollars of properties and taught other agents how to do the same.


Part of the elite top 2% producing real estate professionals recognized by the National Association of Realtors, Quiana is a highly sought-after real estate magnate in the metro Atlanta area. She owns both Watson Realty Co. – a full-service, top-of-the-line real estate brokerage, and Agents Tool For Success – a coaching business for real estate agents looking to live the good life all while scaling their income to seven figures and beyond.


How To Secure The Bag

FACT: Selling products and services at a cost way below your actual value isn’t a sustainable business model. 


Sure, when you first began selling your products and services, you were eager to pick up any prospect willing to hear what you had to offer. And you were glad to help them out. But as time goes on, you’re starting to realize selling low-ticket products and services just isn’t feasible anymore and just posting on social media when you feel like it isn't working as well as you thought. 


In fact, you've been trying to figure out how the most popular social media influencers are getting likes and engagement and you can't even figure out what content to create this month. 


Listen, many business owners find themselves endlessly spending money on non-effective marketing plans because they just don't know how to plan their content. But once you stop winging it and actually learn the strategy behind creating content and launching a marketing campaign, you will be able to shift your business model to match your worth and attract more first-rate clients. 

Let's be honest, a major part of your success is in your marketing. Quality content and consistency play a large factor into the success of your business. Are you levering your marketing correctly or just putting out content that you think works? 


If you’re tired of your business not living up to its full potential, you need to check out the How to Secure the Bag Series. This masterclass will show you how to:


  • How to make the most out of your content

  • Planning and production of content

  • What goes into planning your marketing

  • Photo shoot logistics

  • Launching a marketing campaign


This masterclass is for any business owner ready to level up their game and make far more revenue per sale. 


So, if you’re ready to stop undercharging in business and actually get paid your worth, and show up with quality content hit the button below to get started with the How to Secure the Bag Series. 

In this training, you will learn:

How to make the most out of your content

Planning and production of content

What goes into planning your marketing

Photoshoots: Outfits, locations, realistic budgets, and selecting a photographer

Launching a marketing campaign

and more! 

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If you're any business owner, this training is for you! Join us live on April 17th at 11 am EST to learn how to make the most of your content, planning and launching a marketing campaign.

Are you ready to level up in your business? 

It's time to start thinking bigger and join the community of people getting BIG wins.


* A complimentary strategy planner will provide an outline of each course


* Take notes and reference the planner to ensure you're on track to reach your goals


* Reference the planner to be sure your affirming your success


* Access to the private ATFS Facebook community


* A monthly Live video in the private Facebook group along with help from me and my team to answer all your questions


* Support and positive affirmations and accountability partners from the ATFS squad


* One year access to the replay of every course you've purchased.


* Every course will have a live Q&A session to answer your questions



Don't leave a course without having your questions answered.

Each session has a live Q&A available for you to ask questions in real time and have them answered by expert trainers and Quiana as well.


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Frequently asked questions

Where Are Classes Held?

All classes are held on Zoom. Any replays are uploaded to a membership portal for you to access.

What is the difference between membership and the blueprint?

The blueprint is a pre-recorded course with over 50 modules and 6 hours of video content. It is self-paced and you have the ability to learn the foundation of the real estate industry, branding, marketing, CMAs, database management, etc. The ATFS Membership includes an expert training, a mindset session, an expert masterclass from Quiana Watson, and a monthly business talk. Members receive discounts on courses and access to pop-up trainings.

Do I have to be in real estate to purchase your course?

No! Anyone can purchase the courses in ATFS. Courses specifically for any industry are: How To Secure The Bag Branding & Marketing - 2 Day Course Branding and Marketing Training with Jesse Mills Mindset Training with Erin Waller

I have another question not listed here.

No problem! Please email